Perth, an eclectic and inspiring ambiance that entices you to become part of it

Perth offers a lifestyle that is the best of all worlds. From soft, sandy beaches and picturesque parks to everything you would need in an urban oasis. Perth embraces creativity; restaurants disguised as laundries, Elizabethan villages hiding in laneways, lively markets, curated street art, art galleries and celebrations of indigenous culture and heritage are found throughout the city and surrounds.

It’s an eclectic and inspiring ambiance that entices you to become part of it. It’s something
precious that must be nurtured and continued. This is what School Music Incursions Perth does. School Music Incursions Perth workshops inspire students to become part of the artistic, creative vibe and carries on the imaginative and active lifestyle.

Encouraging our young people to become or continue to be active, imaginative and involved
in their local communities is the goal of the School Music Incursions program. Offering
active, hands-on music and dance experiences that inspire children to move, learn, be
confident in themselves and be engaged in their communities.

perth music & dance incursions for schools
perth music & dance incursions for schools

School Music Incursions offer live performance workshops for all ages and abilities. Think of the beauty of a dance session in a picturesque park, a drumming session on the beach, or a circus skills workshop in a spacious warehouse. Workshops are flexible to suit your needs.
Large or small groups, short or long sessions, the team have or can tailor sessions to fit your needs. Sessions can be as short as 60 minutes and as long as a full day. Why go on an excursion, when the incursion team will come to you? Whether you are in the Perth city area or within a 1.5 hour radius the School Musical Incursion team will travel to your location or a location of your choice.

Energise your event with a School Music Incursions workshop. Whether it be a corporate function, a family gathering, a friendly function, energetic festival, a birthday, wedding, buck’s or hen’s party, the team are available and have a program that will make it memorable. Or, if you are a school, OOSH care provider, vacation care or childcare centre, a music or movement session will ensure entertainment, movement, development, inspiration and learning.

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