From a very early age we develop a relationship with music and dance. We learn that music encourages us to confidently express ourselves and our feelings through rhythm and motion that is often uniquely ours.

As with culture, the art of music and dance varies from continent to continent. In a multi-cultural society dance promotes comprehension of these cultural variances, whilst endorsing a sense of comradery and community spirit.

Underpinning the foundation of every background is a true sense of belonging and the opportunity to express who we really are. Dancing encourages children to collaborate, be supportive, and learn from one another. Dance fosters the understanding that is it okay to be unique.

Dancing promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills, physical health and wellbeing. It is a way of understanding our surrounds and experiencing storytelling and imagination.

Musical activities can improve the value of life and the value of educational offerings for children in an early childhood scenario.

School Music Incursions can help you to meet the National Quality Standard guidelines by addressing the key quality areas. Our cultural and educational incursions are fine tuned to nurture the development of life skills and experiences, with a focus on early childhood relationships and education.

Some of the musical and dance workshops especially suited for an early childhood environment are:

  • African Dance
  • Laughter Workshop
  • Recycled Junk Instruments
  • Polynesian Dance
  • Bollywood Dance


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