One of the most fundamental purposes of primary school education is the fostering of the students growing minds & developing learning skills to take them into their secondary school years. But also, and just as importantly, they are taught how to engage in the world around them, to learn about their peers and community, about the many different cultures and traditions that make up our Australian population so that they grow up to become well-rounded individuals.

Cultural Diversity

The true strength of Australia is its cultural diversity and the many advantages that it brings. As of 2016, there were over 300 languages being spoken in Australian homes. Now, of course, there is technology – the internet, radio, film, and television networks – to give us uninterrupted and unfettered access to the latest happenings from around the globe. But how much better to see these things in our own backyard? To experience them for ourselves? Certainly the lives of our children are enhanced by studying in such a culturally rich environment.

 And it is these ideas that provide the backbone of what we offer for our primary school incursions.

Primary School Music Workshops image with musical instruments


From an early age, we sing to our children and encourage them through song and lyrical speech as well as teaching gross motor skills by making instruments out of everyday items. We know that this helps them learn and grow their language and social skills by giving them a musical foundation, teaching them rhythm and how to utilize their voices and memory.

Our musical incursions are exciting, interactive workshops where children are encouraged to sing and play along with our vibrant, skilled performers in many different cultural styles and with varied instruments. With African or Japanese Drumming, Recycled Junk Instruments, and Rhythms of the World to name a few, there are endless opportunities for young children to engage and be entertained while learning about the world around them.


Another way children learn to communicate in primary school is by using their bodies – be it through dance or drama, or simple self-expressive movements. Dance and yoga can help them feel more comfortable in their own skin, and young minds are endlessly captivated by bright, colourful costumes, and energetic, enthusiastic performers. We offer a wide range of dance and movement incursion opportunities that include everything from Breakdancing, Bollywood, and African Dance to Capoeira , Parkour, and Yoga. No matter which you choose, each student is guaranteed an exciting, fun learning experience that they will be able to share with their friends.


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