Adelaide is a creative city, rich in music, culture, and supports a very balanced lifestyle for children and is know  for its ever increasing diversity and thriving performing arts culture.


School Music Incursions provides an educational and cultural programme to develop and allow children to participate in different musical and creative activities. We operate all over Australia including South Australia, in places such as Adelaide, Hahndorf, Gawler, Mount Barker and Murray Bridge.

Our programme provides an interactive experience where your child is able to improve their creativity and imagination, and learn musical skills. This is incredibly important for a child’s development and keeps them active, as well as helps them find their passion, and exposes them to new styles of keeping engaged. Our programme not only will aid developmental skills, but will provide exposure to different cultures, allow children to engage in the cultural activities, and teach them in a very interactive and hands-on environment. Given that Australia is a multi-diverse country, it is important for our children to experience the multi-cultural facets early on – and what better way to do this than by music and dance!


Some of our activities that we offer, however not limited to include African drumming and dance sessions, Bollywood Dance Sessions, Yoga, Bellydance and Circus Skills. School Music Incursions likes to think outside of the norm, and provide the children of Australia with a new perspective to music and dance, and allows them to immerse into other cultures and activities that they may not otherwise be exposed to.

The influence such artistic and diverse activities has can shape your child’s life, and upbringing, and can allow them to step outside of their comfort zone. They will discover talent and creativity in new activities that they may not otherwise be exposed to. By expanding their imagination, we hope to provide them with a new perspective to how they approach activities and people, as well as keeping active and having fun in the process.

Our programme is tailored for all ages, and is catered for different stages of a child’s learning. This includes OOSH and vacation care, childcare and pre-school aged children, primary or K-6 aged children, and high school students.

Please contact us today to learn more about our incursion, and we hope that your child will engage in our diverse and unique experience!

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For bookings & other information contact us on 1300 189 187