Childrens Workshops Suitable for Primary School & High School Incursions, Pre-Schools & Kindergartens, Vacation Care, OOSH Centres..

Well Being Programs

The Rhythms of the World kids drumming workshop gives every child the opportunity to play a drum & experience rhythms from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Art Therapy Well Being Workshops

Art Therapy is a way of connecting with emotions & thoughts that participants may not be conscious of or perhaps they don’t have the vocabulary to express them. Using art is a way to move past

High School Drumming Workshop – Spectacular

The Spectacular High School drumming workshop provides every student with a drum to play, this inclusive experience is ideal for team building initiatives, multicultural music study.

GarageBand Workshop

GarageBand is very user friendly digital audio workstation (DAW) that is pre-loaded on Apple products such as iphones, ipads & imacs. It is a very capable ap that allows the user to add multiple tracks and edit them

Story Telling & Puppet Making

A fun workshop making puppets from scraps like old socks, toilet roll, old pieces of material etc, promoting self expression & crafting creativity. A strong environmental focus

Urban Circus Workshop

Join the circus for a day, have fun and learn how to learn. The modern day circus has undergone a considerable transformation from its initial animal based acts to the current genre of

Kids Drumming Workshop – Rhythms of the World

The Rhythms of the World kids drumming workshop gives every child the opportunity to play a drum & experience rhythms from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific.

African Dance Workshop

In Africa they say ‘if you can walk you can dance’! During the show every child gets up and moves to the rhythms of Africa. With engaging African presenters the show is very interactive with children

Arabic Drumming Workshop

Like much of sub Saharan Africa drumming is often a significant component of the music that signifies the start and end of notable occasions, such as religious holidays, weddings, births,

Recycled Junk Instruments Workshops

The Junk Beats programs includes an instrument making workshop from recycled materials (that the students get to keep) and or a workshop where the

Capoeira Workshop

Capoeira is based on continuous, rhythmic movements that increase strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and coordination. Running, jumping and cartwheels come naturally to children and

Bollywood Dance Workshop

Our Bollywood dance incursions are lively & engaging sessions tailored to the levels of the children involved. With catchy music & popular dance moves that have been taken up by the likes of Shakira &

Childrens Polynesian Dance Workshop

Aloha! Welcome to the colourful & engaging dances of the Pacific. Our Polynesian incursions draw on the friendly welcoming cultures of Hawaii, Tahiti, The Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga

Mongolian Throat Singing Workshop

Australia’s only Mongolian throat singer & Mongolian horse fiddle player (Morin Huur is a two-stringed fiddle, with a horse-head carving crowning the instrument) is Bukhchuluun Ganburged

African Drumming Workshop

An exciting visit to the music & dance of Africa, our engaging African performers share their music, culture from a unique African perspective. Drumming, Dancing and storytelling, colourful costumes,

DJ Workshop

The term ‘Disc Jockey’ abbreviated ‘DJ’ refers to the combination of ‘disc’, referring to disc records and ‘jockey’, an operator of a machine. American radio commentator Walter Winchell first coined

Laughter Workshop

Anyone can laugh from motorbike laughter to cuisine laughter: Actually there is no need for a sense of humour, jokes or comedy. The sessions enable students to laugh at will & the good news about the

Yoga & Meditation Program

Our Yoga and meditation sessions are secular practical experiences for children of all ages (preschool through to teenagers), helping to develop self-awareness, confidence and self esteem.

Hip Hop Workshop

Dance is an excellent way of building pupils’ confidence, aspiration and self-esteem as well as being a great way for getting students active and healthy in a fun way.

Taiko Workshop

Traditional Japanese drumming exudes power passion & precision. Taiko drumming is energetic with visually appealing movement that resembles a dance choreography.

Gaia Rhythm Environmental Show

Coming Soon!